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10 Jan 2019

There are many tools which are available to create a cross

How To Choose Cross-Platform Tool For Mobile App Development?

In today’s scenario, the trend of BYOD that is Bring your device is rising on a daily basis. This has caused business to develop an app which can be accessed on different mobile platforms and can easily be operated on any native OS over the traditional desktop computers.

Cross platforms mobile development refers to the development of mobile apps which can work on multiple mobile platforms. So, here are the five tools which will help you to create a cross mobile application with ease:


Xamarin is the most powerful and robust cross-platform application tools in vogue. It helps the developers to build an application for a different OS with the help of using the single programming language, class library, and code base.

With its C# codebase, Xamarin helps the developers to build the iOS, Windows, Android Apps without duplicating the effort. Xamarin comes with a rich set of features which includes dynamic programming, lambda expressions, and even LINQ.

Xamarin supports the Model View View Model(MVVM) and Model View Controller(MVC) patterns. The MVC patterns allow the developers to keep the application logic and presentation separate, and test, update, modify and maintain app code with ease. Xamarin offers a cloud service as well, which also facilitates the testing of any number of devices.


Kinvey works on the model of a cloud, with the HTML5 as a base. The suite comes with the integration of Gizmox’s Visual WebGUI HTML5 platform which will allow developers to roll out the app which is developed under HTML5 using C#. The app facilitates fast paced and simple app development.


PhoneGap which is solely owned by the Adobe. It is a free open source that first-time app developers can use to translate the code from HTML5 and CSS. Apart from just creating Android and iOS apps, PhoneGap can also develop apps for Windows and Blackberry. So, it is the best cross-platform mobile development tool.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D which is more focused on creating great games. This cross-platform mobile development tool works even beyond the simple translation. After developing the code in C#, UnityScript, Boo, then you can even export your games to different languages which also includes the Android, Windows, iOS, Xbox, Wii, Linux and even the PlayStation. Once the game got on all the chosen platforms, Unity also helps you to distribute it to different stores and track real-time user analytics.


Sencha is a great tool which will help you to develop apps with the help of an HTML5. Developers love to work on it because it works across a handful of devices on different platforms and even boosts up the productivity with pre-built in components that can save lots of time at the time of writing code.

Once you have your HTML5 code developed, you can translate it to both the iOS and Android platforms using a translation tool like PhoneGap.

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