Mobile Enterprises Apps Platform


Mobile Enterprises Apps Platform

The term MEAP also known as Mobile Enterprise Application Platform co-relates to group of products and services which facilitate development of mobile applications. Considering the fact that, there are wide ranges of networks, devices and users, developing mobile software can be nothing short of a challenging task. Raz Soft’s MEAP’s offer easy solutions to handle the above mentioned problems, by managing different devices during their entire lifespan.

As compared to individual mobile apps, our MEAP’s, offer all inclusive and long term solutions, which, come as an added benefit for the customers. When it comes to deploying the app, companies by using MEAP, can develop any mobile app and install it in several devices like Notebooks, Tablets, Smart Phones, etc. The compatibility and functionality factor of the app with each device it is sent to, is, well ensured by MEAP.

However, it is advisable for the companies to use MEAP if and only if, mobile solutions are required to work jointly with three or more data sources or operating systems. Generally, our MEAP is a combination of both, mobile middleware server and mobile client application. Although, middleware server does not offer data storage facility, it helps in managing data by way of cross-platform support and integration of system. Applications, by finding easy connectivity with the server, become the driving force of user interface and business logic.

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