DTH Game Development


DTH Game Development

Desktops have been very common since a long period of time now. We understand how essential it is to create the right kind of games so as to attract audience. Lucrative games are needed so that they are compatible with all kinds of platforms.

At Razsoft, we have the experience of doing so. Our expert team is highly adept at gaming technology and can create the most complex ones involving latest technologies and latest Characters.

We have a systematic process of executing your DTH game process. We understand the needs of the clients well and talk to them in advance, so that there is no miscommunication Whatsoever.

Information is sought and detailed information is documented before we begin the process of development. The technologies that we use for game development are XNA, DirectX, Open GL and C++. Once the development process is done, we start with the testing phase, in which all bugs are checked. Also, we release the beta version, so as to make sure it works well on laptops and PCs.

After going live, we monitor it on a real-time basis and also make corrections if needed. All clients who have worked with us have expressed high satisfaction.

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