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22 Nov 2018

Four reasons why WordPress is used to build outstanding websites

Four reasons why WordPress is used to build outstanding websites

If at any point in time we heard a word “WordPress,” then directly we relate it to a blogging site because this was the only way it was initiated in the year 2003.

From this time, wordpress has become one of the most impressive platforms for Content Management System(CMS) this is the tool which is used for editing, publishing and organizing the content in a centralized system of User Interface. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 100 million websites which are running nowadays on Wordpress CMS.

Moreover, WordPress would be certainly having some of the special and beneficial features because of which many people is it rather than using the Drupal or Joomla CMS which were widely used before in making the websites.

So, after huge research, we came to know some of the reasons that why WordPress is being used to build the excellent websites:

1. Easily updated and maintained

As there is always a requirement for maintaining and upgrading the site which is made, but sometimes we are left with no funds to fulfill that requirement. Most of the people always try to update the website themselves due to the cost factor. In that case, WordPress is a blessing for these people, a WordPress is very easy to be learned, to use, add, modify and even to delete the content without having any technical knowledge. You can easily and quickly get the training provided by the Youtube or the Wordpress expert and can do all the work on your own.

2. Plugins

In Wordpress, all the various kind of functionalities are added to the website with the help of adding plugins. WordPress offers a huge number of plugins with which we can do any of the websites. Let say for example: tracking the number of visitors on your site or creating a simple form. With just one click you can add the WordPress plugins to your dashboard. On the other tools of CMS, we have to pay a huge amount for buying those plugins.

3. Social Engine Optimization Friendly

The statement of Matt Cutt, the head of the Spam team of Google about the SEO services provided by the WordPress for any website.-“WordPress incorporates the entire structural requirements which are essential for Google and even different other search engines which find and crawl your website; this is all that SEO does.”

On WordPress, there is also an option to use Yoast SEO which is available at free of cost, with the help of which the website can be optimized easily, and can also become more effective on the Google.

4. Help

If you are facing any issue with the website, then you can easily get to know the solution for it by searching on the Google for it. On searching, you will get to know many options and subsequently get to know the best solutions.


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