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11 Feb 2019

Some of the pros and cons of single page websites

Some of the pros and cons of single page websites

A parallax scrolling website is just a fancy and amazing name for a one page website. Instead of designing your website on many of the multiple pages, all of the content exists on a long, single page for visitors to scroll through out it. So, here we have discussed some of the pros and cons of single page website

Pros of One-Page Design

Simplicity: It doesn’t get much easier than offering a visitor everything they need simply on one page. There is no learning curve for a part of navigation as nowadays everyone knows how to scroll, and the rise of mobile has made scrolling second nature to most of the users.

Mobile-friendly: Single-page websites are easy to adapt to mobile because their design will remain largely just like the same. Most one-page templates are responsive, and usually look as great on smartphones and tablets as they do look on the system and desktop.


More conversion rates: Whatever your conversion metrics, whether it will be newsletter sign-ups, sales, subscriptions—single-page websites get the job done with higher rate of conversion.

Easy to maintain: It’s one page, so it is so easy to maintain.

Cons of One-Page Design

Scalability: If you simply what to do to start creating more content, whether it’s occasional articles or a full-fledged blog, you won’t be able to do it with a single-page website.

Social Sharing: It is so easy to share a single-page website on various social media networks like facebook, twitter and linkedin etc. What’s more difficult is sharing specific content on that page, because all of that content is housed under just one form of URL.

Meaningful Analytics: It’s much harder to analyze and look at the performance of a one-page website rather than a multi-page one. On a single-page site, if a visitor arrives and immediately leaves, there’s no way to figure out why and reduce your bounce rate.

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