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17 Jan 2019

Mobile Web Vs Mobile App

Mobile Application or Mobile Website, Where should you invest in your marketing?

Are you at the time of planning stage for your business? Then two main things will strike up in your mind, first is whether to set up a bootstrap compatible webpage or secondly to develop a mobile application for the users to download and to get info. But both of them looks so similar at the starting but at the time of deciding upon which works best for you depend upon the various components which include the nature of the target audience, purpose, budget and the necessary features.

What is the actual difference?

Before we come to the actual evaluating the benefits of the mobile app and a website, it is beneficial first to understand the key differences between the two.

An App is a smartphone or any of the device specific application. Just apart from a mobile website, an app has to be searched for, installed in mobile to use it. The app can be easily installed and downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android, Windows store for Microsoft, and the App Store for iOS.

A mobile website is basically designed specifically for the touchscreen gadget such as tablets, smartphones, and runs on the web browsers irrespective of the operating system a person have. When anyone types a URL or clicks on the link from mobile, laptop then the device will automatically redirect it to the webpage.

Which is much more beneficial - Mobile App or Mobile Website?

When you have to choose one option to go on with, then it really depends upon your end goals as both the apps and website have their sort of advantages and disadvantages.

The basic benefit of a mobile website is that it user and mobile friendly. It just looks like the conventional mobile website. With the help of a mobile website, users can access the website anywhere from any device with the help of a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Some of the pros of a mobile website are:

  • Can be found easily over the web.
  • Mobile websites can never get deleted.
  • It is easier to use.
  • It is less expensive.
  • It is instantly available.

Moreover, the mobile app works as just like the mobile website, it has its benefits of occupying its corner of usage. When an app stays on the device, business has independent control over their clients/customers. It has much easier accessibility as compared to the mobile website as the user has to open the browser and then type the website name. Some of the benefits of mobile apps are:

  • Using an app does not require an internet connection every time.
  • For personalized and regular use, apps are best in that case.
  • For having the interactive activities and games, apps are the best.



When your business is on a large scale and you needs an application for interacting with your customers than having a mobile app is an advantage. Otherwise, it is just an expensive option as in comparison to the website.

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